Composer, Synthprogrammer, Guitarist and a Gamer!

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What I do

I produce music for films and games.

Patrik Andrén

Patrik is a great composer. Check out his website here!

Dave Jewerén Moore

Dave is a really good music mixing engineer and supervisor.


NBrigade is a collective of even more good people.

Who am I?

I'm Andreas.

And I'm currently working on this website.

I will eventually write some better stuff here. But the text is just for the looks at the moment.

I live in Sweden!

  • Composing and producing Music
  • Synthprogrammer
  • I create sample libraries as well!

What I've Done

I will add some of my better work here. I will also add some music later.

Contact Me

This doesn't work yet, so please contact me directly at while I fix my website!


Rudbecksgatan 123, Orebro, Sweden

Phone Number

+46 72 422 45 86